"There are no hopeless situations, there are only hopeless people" - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Mert Kanıbir

Welcome to my personal space! Feel free to navigate through the sections to learn more about me.

My passion for technology and innovation began in my early childhood, where I developed a keen interest in robotics and design and participated in robotics competitions. In high school, I deepened this passion. My experiences not only honed my technical skills but also fostered leadership and teamwork. Currently, I am a Computer Science student at Binghamton University, eager to blend my background and entrepreneurial spirit in a dynamic academic environment.Inspired by my twin brother Alp’s struggles after losing his vision, I co-founded NAVINDOOR to help the visually impaired navigate with confidence. During my internship at Virtual Enterprises International, I gained valuable experience in web and curriculum development, further fueling my commitment to using technology for social good. At university, I plan to expand NAVINDOOR and work on similar projects, striving to create a more inclusive and accessible world.